Alex Viteri

Alex Viteri (b. 1987 and based in New York and Berlin) is a dance scholar and performance maker. She also collaborates as a dramaturg for choreographers and visual artists. Last summer, she co-facilitated the residency THE BODY OF WATER: Experimenting with Form in Playwriting, fuelled by The School of Making Thinking in Pittsburgh, USA. Since 2018, she's part of Commitment Experiment, a performance collective in Brooklyn. Currently, she is rehearsing for a new production with the choreographer Juliana Piquero and light/sound designer Catalina Fernandez. Fan de Ellas will premier in November at Sophiensaele, Berlin. Alex is doing her Ph.D in the Department of Theatre & Performance at The Graduate Center, CUNY, & teaches at Hunter College.  

Shuntaro Yoshida

Shuntaro Yoshida  (b. 1989, Miyagi, Japan) is a dancer, choreographer, and researcher of contemporary dance and performance. He is currently JSPS Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Faculty of Sport Sciences at Waseda University. He has a Philosophy-Ph.D. at Tokyo University of the Arts. He was a Visiting Scholar in the Department of East Asian Studies at New York University from 2018 to 2019 and was the recipient of a JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists from 2017 to 2019. Recently, he did two particular choreographic practices: "Of Chroma (2019)" at the Panorama City of New York at Queens Museum; and the "Migration in Red Pepper (2018-2019.)" in collaboration with Alex Viteri and hosted by De-construkt and Grace Exhibition at Performing Arts Festival in New York. These choreographies included a climate problem and a food issue in making-process and functional participation as a choreographic ecology.

Catalina Fernandez

Catalina Fernandez (b. 1977 and based in Berlin) is a light and sound designer for theater, dance, and environmental performances. She likes to compose subliminal spaces and engulfing in-site installations. She works as technical director in several productions and assists choreographers, filmmakers, and multidisciplinary artists. Catalina is an ongoing collaborator of the choreographer Juliana Piquero, the musician Hans Unstern and the artists collective Fehras Publishing Practices. With Noam Gorbat, Catalina founded Can Doc, a collective that offers audio-visual documentation for visual artists, choreographers, projects, and institutions.

Fernandez studied film photography in Bogota's university Unitec and Lighting Design in Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (IUNA), Buenos Aires. She has been awarded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa with the 2018 Recherchestipendium. Recently, her work appeared at Sharjah Biennial as part of "Soapy Postmodern Bathwater," a video installation with Fehras Publishing Practices. 

Maharu Maeno

Maharu Maeno (b. 1994 and based in Hyogo) is an artist, art manager based in Berlin. She graduated with a B.A. in art project from the Tokyo University of the Arts. Maharu worked as a studio assistant at De-Construkt (New York) and completed an internship at Art Access Adachi - Oto Machi Senju no En (Tokyo).  While at studio DE-CONSTRUKT in Red Hook from 2018 to 2019, Maharu explored the interaction between art and neighborhoods by supporting the projects and exhibitions of their participating artists. She exhibited her work, “Red Hook Horror Lemonade (2019)” at studio DE-CONSTRUKT, "The Museum of Make-up Art (2019)" at FIGMENT New York, "Migration of Red Pepper (2018)" at Open Source Gallery, "Kasumi-ka Kumoka (2020)" at Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT, Tokyo).


Violeta* was born on March 10, 2020 in Brandenburg. She lives between Berlin and Frankfurt Oder. At the end of 2020, she was invited to be part of the collective Mapped to the Closest Address. The humans in the team wanted to connect with the perspective of other species, they sought to dislocate their own anthropocentrism and explore from other points of view the many worlds within gardens, forests and lakes. Violeta joined the collective as a videographer, her material became a fundamental part of the work. During the collective's first digital residency, Violeta made several field trips with a video capture device. Her material was edited and presented at the Japanese Saison Foundation. Open Forrest Launch was also part of PAF, Berlin. In 2021, the collective was welcomed at Lake Studios for a second residency. Violet collected new video material, this time the material was presented within the framework UNFINISHED FRIDAYS. Today she dies of heat under the kitchen counter. 

*In honor of Chilean singer and songwriter Violeta Parra.

Violeta* nació el 10 de marzo 2020 en Brandenburgo. Vive entre Berlin y Frankfurt Oder. A finales del 2020, fue invitada a ser parte del Colectivo Mapped to the Closest Address. Los humanos del colectivo querían conectarse con la perspectiva de otras especies, buscaban  dislocar su propio anthropocentrismo y explorar desde otros puntos de vista los muchos mundos dentro de jardines, bosques y lagos. Violeta se unió al colectivo como videografa, su material se convirtió en parte fundamental del trabajo. Durante la primera residencia digital del colectivo, Violeta realizó varias salidas de campo con un dispositivo para capturar video. Su material fue editado y se presentó en la fundación japonesa Saison. Open Forrest Launch fue también parte de PAF, Berlin. En 2021, el colectivo fue recibido en Lake Studios para una segunda residencia. Violeta recolectó nuevo material de video, esta vez el material se presentó dentro del marco UNFINISHED FRIDAYS. El día de hoy muere de calor debajo de la mesada de la cocina. 


*En honor a la cantante chilena Violeta Parra.