4th March 2022 

Work in progress sharing @CordilleraBerlin  

Wilhelminenhofstraße 68a, 12459 Berlin 

"Turn off the House lights," 

a midnight transmission. 

Virtually hosted by The Saison Foundation
with Mapped to the Closest Address.

太鼓をならし ケーナを吹いて
行列が行く 僕らの町へ
今日は祭り アンデスの春
アンデスの祭り" 作詞 岩沢千早、原曲 ボリビア民謡、編曲 原由多加

Beating the drums and playing the kena
The procession goes to our town.
Come on, come on, come on, dance 
Today is a festival, spring in the Andes.
Festival of the Andes / Lyrics: Chihaya Iwasawa, Original Bolivian Folk Song, 
Arranged by Yutaka Hara. 

In this episode, we'll transmit from Cordillera's garden in Berlin. Hosted by their artists-in-residency program, we'll gather around a bonfire to watch the sunset. Simultaneously, we will anchor through sound waves into Tokyo's midnight. Together, we'll meander—something like taking a walk while chatting on the phone with a loved one or sitting with a group of friends to listen to a thunderstorm.

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Some notes on our methodology

Around three years ago, we formed a collective. We've grown plants in various geographical locations. We've collaborated with a now two-year-old cat, Violeta. We've shared video diaries of our collaboration. We've created sound landscapes and talked about the ecocide of rivers. We've imagined dances with wine trees and scores inspired by the slowness of sloths. We've used various devices to record our encounters with other species and earth beings. Our work develops slowly; we wish to build upon these sensuous encounters. Collectively, we sew practices to unravel our entanglement, devotion, and fear of/for nature.

In the past, our work has taken the form of several lecture-performances, somatic workshops, video diaries, and Instagram posts. For our last project, we created a digital archive that follows a rhizomatic structure, something like the body of an octopus with many legs and pods. In this episode, we want to keep exploring with sound and storytelling. Over the past two years, we've met and collected stories from fellow gardeners, tree doctors, community garden members, farmers and viticulturists, friends, and family. We wish to integrate these stories. In Cordillera,* we will reorganize the various materials we've accumulated as a collective to share our working process with our guests. 

We propose to begin our encounter at 10:15am EST / 4:15pm CET / 12:15pm JST. Mapped will be joining from Cordillera's dance studio; some guests will join us in the front yard garden. You may join from your home, or perhaps while taking a walk outdoors. 


we will send you our coordinates soon. 

also, expect a hot drink receipt as if we 

were getting ready for a mountain's visit 

and together, listen to the sunset. 


we are very happy to connect with you.


take care, 



*Mapped to the Closest Address are Maharu Maeno, Catalina Fernandez, Shuntaro Yoshida, Alex Viteri, and Violeta.

*Cordillera is both the name of the studio in Berlin and the Spanish word to signal a chain of mountains. Our first research as a collective look into the paintings of the Andes by Frederich Edwin Church. Many of our work emerged from this first encounter with his depiction of Mt. Cotopaxi. Recently, we've come to ask similar questions of Mt. Fuji.