Migration of Red Pepper

Art performance “Migration of Red Pepper” is a lecture-style community dance based on recent trends toward climate change. Performance researcher Shuntaro Yoshida will discuss the migration of the red pepper from South America to East Asia in his lecture and dance performance.

Yoshida will start with an introduction on the migration and the reception of the red pepper, discussing its' influences and its' extension of the human body, including the biological turn. After, he will further discuss the relationship between the red pepper and the body with Japanese dancer Mizuho Kappa, who will be improvising and demonstrating her extended body.

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Consent & Show

“Migration of Red Pepper” 3rd. August. 2019. De-construkt/ New York
“Migration of Red Pepper” 24. May. 2019. Grace Space Exhibition / New York
Invited by ITINERANT Performing Arts Festival (curated by Hector Canonge)
“Migration of Red Pepper” 20. December. 2018. Open Source Gallery / New York

Choreographer Shuntaro Yoshida
Dancer Kappa Mizuho, Shuntaro Yoshida 
Voice: Alex Viteri
Director: Maharu Maeno