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 clmusy-seeing Mountains

(Echigo-Tsumari Art Field 2022)

[Materials] mixed media | supported by The Saison Foundation.

Mapped to the Closest Address + Jun Yamaguchi

Hosted by the Tokamachi Snow Center (former Miyoshi Spa), the dance collective created an immersive installation that brought together their video materials, dance scores, poems, and photographs from El Arenero Yumita, a vegetable garden in Germany. Simultaneously, they gathered Kudzu vines from the region and wove them into the shape of Echigo's mountains. Visitors were invited to move shoelessly around the grounds to encounter the shaking mountains and glimpse the archives. While in Echigo, the collective listened to rice field farmers, local volunteers, and sightseers. During the exhibition, Mapped to the Closest Address shared an atmospheric performance inspired by the region's stories and held dance sessions with visitors and river stones. Mapped to the Closest Address joined force with Jun Yamaguchi, an architect to create a work for ETAT2022.

Place I Tokamachi Snow Center (Niigata, Japan)
Exhibition I 12.8. -12.11.2022
Workshop I14.8. 10am-1p.m /15.8. 3p.m -5p.m.
Performance I Turn Off the House Lights
                       18-20.8 and 10-11.9  4p.m-5p.m
[Photo] Nakamura Osamu

[Review] "Mapped have worked with a variety of landscapes, and when they share their work with a public, they are often layering these landscapes. Their first iteration of the performance “Turn off the house lights”at Cordillera brought imagined landscapes and theories of landscapes together with the real landscape of the garden at the space. The most recent iteration, meanwhile, at the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, brought all these imagined and real landscapes to another real landscape — the rice field outside the installation space. " (Cory Tamler "Longing for Mountains: Interspecies Performance Experiments." Tantzschreiber)