World constellations through poetic performing encounters

“World constellations through poetic performing encounters”  
(CUNY, PSi conference # 25 / New York, Calgary)
(CUNY、PSi conference # 25 /ニューヨーク、カルガリー)

In the future                                                                                                                                         Let's call it a

we'll go over how this happened                                                                                                        performance lecture:  


in conversation with scholars at the intersections of performance and ecology, our lecture aims to explore the ways dance scores connect to the visual/affective experience of space


following our fascination with nature's creating power, we look at the conceptualization of landscapes in apocalyptical narratives, environmental disasters, and eco guerrillas 

we wish to interrogate our perspective as citizens of modernity, to mine our relation to nature and the natural, to collectively sew practices where to share and interrogate our particular historical, socio-political landscapes 

in our performance lecture, we will focus on ecological damage and orchestrate a sensual experience of space 


we are excited to share the documentation of our encounters and to interrogate our practice as performance makers in collaboration 


*We gratefully acknowledge the lineage of Land Artist from which this collaboration draws.